I forgot to put some stuff in my last post, so here it is… That “Might post soon” from Stuck in Lompoc is a big, fat NO. FAIL again. But it’s not completely my fault. We used my great grandparents’ 2002 Saturn LS Wagon(they also have a two-seater Pontiac Solstice, and until recently had a 1998 Saturn SL), but as you can tell, it broke down in Lompoc. We had to stay an extra day ‘cuz the parts had to be shipped in from Sacramento. During that day, we swam in the hotel pool because we couldn’t go anywhere (first day missed). The day after that, it was my fault because the hotel computer was up, running, and ready and I didn’t use it 😦 . The next day, we had to leave, so I didn’t get a chance. The rest of the summer, I was just plain lazy 😀