Today, I realized just how obsessed we are with technology these days: My dad withdrew the computer and I flipped out. It was a full freak-attack. You should have seen it. I gave him the silent treatment, restarted the T.V., and tickled him to death, but the most he would give me was 10 minutes. That’s like two seconds in techno-time! Techno-time is the time in which 1. you remain inactive on a device 2. you remain active on a device 3. something exists on a device 4. you are on the device itself. At least that’s my definition. For example, if you have to wait 4 months for something to come out, it is equal to a year in techno-time. However, if you only have 7 more minutes to use the device itself, it is equal to 1 second. Speaking of which, I gotta go!