We all ask this question at least once in our lives, so I’m asking it now: why? Why would they move friendsofirony.com to “failblog.org?” Why did they cancel Unnatural History? WHY AM I ASKING MYSELF ALL THESE QUESTIONS? On that last one, I do not know. But on the other two, it seems like nothing is how it used to be (or how I want it to be). Unfortunately, friendsofirony.com recently switched their ironic website to the owners’ home page: http://failblog.org/tag/irony . This is a link, but I don’t really want you to click it. The owners’ homepage is called cheezburger network with a side attachment to the link above. It really doesn’t have any relationship to irony at all, so I don’t why they did that. Also, the best T.V. show EVER was canceled recently and I haven’t had time to brood about it since. It was called Unnatural History, it was a slightly educational show, and it was AWESOME!!!!! If you’ve never heard of it, then go here: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/unnaturalhistory/video.html. The show is off the air after only one incredible season, so you really missed out.