Hello. Howdy. Hola. Aloha. Ni hao. Greetings. Salutations. Sup. There’s lots of ways to say hi (although salutations sounds like you’re saying bye), but only one way to say MR. PIPPENPADDLOPSOKOPOLIS! Lemme esplain. My friend and I were talkin bout all those awesome T.V. shows that were on when we were little (TELETUBBIES  RULE!) and so I started wikapediying stuff and I found that only the shows I didn’t like were still on. Like Avatar. It doesn’t make any sense unless you start from the VERY BEGINNING so last week I started watching every episode in order and it’s actually kinda cool. and confusing. LIKE TELETUBBIES!!!!! but not as awesome. My favrit character is this cabbage guy who always gets his cabbage destroyed! :{ Anyway, my favrit episode is the king of omashu (it’s all in this weird chinapanese world where certain people can control certain stuff like air, water, earth, and fyre. they’re kinda born with it but they kinda hafta learn it too. it’s weird.) cuz of Mr. Pippenpaddlopsokopolis. He’s really this airbender named Aang who’s the avatar (that’s alotta A’s!) and he’s gotta sneak into this one city so he disguises himself as Mr. Pippenpaddlopsokopolis. Ees reely funi. OH I ALMOST FORGOT there’s the cabbage guy in this episode 2. No, I don’t have bad grahamr, he’s in it 2 times. (Technically three, but he don’t gots no kabajez the third time. also he sez OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! an that’s not nice.) You can looks it up on nicktoons BUT NOT CARTOON NETWORK! Dey ees stupid-heads! K bye. (or should I say salutations?)

OH OH OH OH OH PICKMEPICKMEPICKME!!! I almost forgot this:

list of all shows awesome:

1. Teletubbies

2. Lizzie McGuire

3. Bear in the Big Blue House

4. American Dragon: Jake Long

5. PB & J Otter

6. The Wild Thornberrys

7. Jimmy Neutron (not that dumbo* show they replaced it with)

8. Phil of the Future

9. RolipoliOli

10. bobobobobobobo (look it up)

* dumbo is not a bad word because it is the title of a DISNEY MOVIE!