My phone (which I haven’t lost for four months and counting) is now broken thanks to the stupidest thing on earth, GRAVITY! Although gravity isn’t really on earth, it’s kinda in it… whatever. Who says everything has to fall as soon as you drop it? That Fig Newton guy who got hit in the head with an apple? I’ll tell you what, my life would be a whole easier if the laws of gravity didn’t exist. Probably a lot more fun, too. Just imagine if you could float like you’re swimming no matter where you are. Those astronauts sure seem to be having a good time. Taking a shower would be pretty hard, though. More baths for me! It’s a little gross when you think about it, washing yourself in your own filth. At least there’s bubbles! See, they don’t have to follow the laws of gravity. That’s why they’re awesome. (* ) <-bubble. DON’T POP IT! bye.