Ciao! You know, I always thought that just meant good-bye, but guess it’s kinda like aloha where it means hi and bye. In Hawaiian, it also means love, but ciao doesn’t. (btw the first ‘ciao’ in this post meant hello, even tho you already knew that. 🙂 Speaking of which, I have always wanted to go to Italy. The food, the sights, the clothes… even Italian NAMES sound awesome! Seriously, they all sound like pasta, which is my FAV food. You just can’t beat spaghetti and garlic bread- unless it’s with PIZZA, another Italian food! Although it has to be paired with a root beer float to beat noodly, marinara-drenched heaven. Usually I would include meatballs, but does anyone really know what meat goes in them? Honestly, I don’t want to know. It’s like asking what hot dogs come from. Ick.

Anyway, what I was trying to get to was my list of words too hard to say without laughing. If you can make it through the list with a frown, then you have some serious problems. I know I already make too many stupid lists, but here’s another one:

1. hodgepodge: mixture. In context, it’s not that funny, but alone I can’t help but giggle.

2. perturb: disturb. Hey, they rhyme! Heehee.

3. geezer: elderly person. There is no right way to spell it. That’s what’s makes it hilarious.

4. defenestration: to throw somebody out a window. When you first see the word, you think it has nothing to do with the meaning. But sure enough, when you look it up, that’s exactly what it says.

5. knickknack: bric-a-brac, bauble, gubbins, gewgaw, junk. I don’t think there’s a normal way to say this!