we were innocent? I was watching Timmy Turner the other day when Wandisimo said “I’m too sexy for my shirt” and Tyler asked me what it meant. I told him I didn’t know, because nobody told ME what it meant 5 years ago, so I¬†looked it up and accidentally forgot the y… I should probably tell him then, huh? Well, he probably won’t look it up. I hope. Anyway, it brought to mind all of the awful words that I have learned since then. Surprisingly, most of them came from when I was in 1st-3rd grade. I went to a K-8 school, and the 8th graders had very… colorful language. Luckily, I was old enough to know not to use them, but some of the 8th graders I know now use the F-word daily. In fact, Trinity’s favorite song is F U by Cee Lo Green! Of course, she’s never heard the explicit version, but it just goes to show how foul our language is getting. You know, they just conducted a study that showed that people that use bad words have bad breath. I’m just kidding, but wouldn’t that be funny?