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We all ask this question at least once in our lives, so I’m asking it now: why? Why would they move to “” Why did they cancel Unnatural History? WHY AM I ASKING MYSELF ALL THESE QUESTIONS? On that last one, I do not know. But on the other two, it seems like nothing is how it used to be (or how I want it to be). Unfortunately, recently switched their ironic website to the owners’ home page: . This is a link, but I don’t really want you to click it. The owners’ homepage is called cheezburger network with a side attachment to the link above. It really doesn’t have any relationship to irony at all, so I don’t why they did that. Also, the best T.V. show EVER was canceled recently and I haven’t had time to brood about it since. It was called Unnatural History, it was a slightly educational show, and it was AWESOME!!!!! If you’ve never heard of it, then go here: The show is off the air after only one incredible season, so you really missed out.


New Year’s resolution

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to blog every week, so I figured, why not procrastinate until 20 minutes before it’s due? Another resolution was to write every month, so I’ve killed two birds with one stone, even though that’s animal cruelty.

How did that happen?

Can somebody please explain how I had 39 views on Nov. 3rd? I don’t think I even posted that day. And who’s Shelly? You can see her comment on (just copy and paste it) Anyways, thanks for caring!

What ARE those things?!?!

Not normal, that’s for sure. I’m talking about those thingies over the numbers above the letters. Now that I have witnessed how crazy we can get over something that didn’t exist 20 years ago, I’m paying more attention to the stuff I do. Why don’t they just make separate buttons? Anyway, I found a list of them all, so here goes:

! exclamation mark

@ at sign

# number sign/octothorpe

$ dollar sign

% percent sign

^ carrot

& and sign

* astrix

( left parentheses

) right parentheses

And now for the OTHER things…

– dash

_ bottom line

= equal sign

+ addition/plus sign

[ left bracket

{ left brace

] right bracket

} right brace

\ backwards slash

| line

; semi-colon

: colon

‘ quotation mark

” quotations mark

, comma

< less than sign

. period

> greater than sign

/ slash

? question mark

` French pronunciation mark

~ Spanish pronunciation mark

Today, I realized just how obsessed we are with technology these days: My dad withdrew the computer and I flipped out. It was a full freak-attack. You should have seen it. I gave him the silent treatment, restarted the T.V., and tickled him to death, but the most he would give me was 10 minutes. That’s like two seconds in techno-time! Techno-time is the time in which 1. you remain inactive on a device 2. you remain active on a device 3. something exists on a device 4. you are on the device itself. At least that’s my definition. For example, if you have to wait 4 months for something to come out, it is equal to a year in techno-time. However, if you only have 7 more minutes to use the device itself, it is equal to 1 second. Speaking of which, I gotta go!

The big 27

You probably didn’t know that my favorite number is twenty seven, and my last post was my twenty-seventh post this year. My twenty-seventh post ever, actually. I completely forgot about it until right now, when I saw that I had 27 posts on my dashboard. The All About Me page (that you should really check out) was probably my first “post”, so THIS is my twenty-seventh actual post. Happy 27th everybody! *<:) {A tip for those of you that are technologically challenged: that thing  is a smiley face with a party hat on} We will be celebrating the 50th, 100th, and the 365th post if I ever get there, so stay tuned!

I have just been informed…

THERE’S ONLY 32 PAGES OF FRIENDS OF IRONY! NOOOOOOOO! This sucks eggs. I thought it had been going for at least 3 years, considering it’s numerous comtributors and funny content, but I was wrong, so wrong. 😦  My friend introduced me to the site last summer and I just got to the end. The bottom of the site even says “There’s more irony, can you handle it?” How ironically ironic.

In case you are technologically challenged, c-* is a picture of bomb, with “c” as the round part, “-” as the fuse, and “*” as the spark. When you put them together, it looks like a sideways bomb. Anyway, I meant, not this one. If you click this link, , it will (hopefully) take you to the funniest website I’ve ever visited. I’m not exaggerating, I swear. My favorite one so far is on page eleven and the title starts with “Except Thursdays”. Check it out and comment soon!

Oh yeah…

I forgot to put some stuff in my last post, so here it is… That “Might post soon” from Stuck in Lompoc is a big, fat NO. FAIL again. But it’s not completely my fault. We used my great grandparents’ 2002 Saturn LS Wagon(they also have a two-seater Pontiac Solstice, and until recently had a 1998 Saturn SL), but as you can tell, it broke down in Lompoc. We had to stay an extra day ‘cuz the parts had to be shipped in from Sacramento. During that day, we swam in the hotel pool because we couldn’t go anywhere (first day missed). The day after that, it was my fault because the hotel computer was up, running, and ready and I didn’t use it 😦 . The next day, we had to leave, so I didn’t get a chance. The rest of the summer, I was just plain lazy 😀

I know that you might think, “Wait, I thought this girl was pessimistic, why is she happy about school?” Maybe you’re wondering, “Why hasn’t she posted in, like, half a month?” It would be possible to ponder why I’m asking you all these questions. Well, for your first question: I’m NOT pessimistic, and I’m happy because my 4th & 5th grade teachers are now my homeroom & science teachers for 7th grade! For your second question: Duh! It’s the beginning of September, what did you think? For your third question, I’m not completely sure.

P.S. I’m in the GATE program, so I’m also happy to go back because of that.

P.P.S. P.S. means post-script, and P.P.S. means post-post-script.